"Enter the planet surface" mission type

A mission type where everything will be up side down(like entering the Earth stage in CI5). At the moment, we can reused the existing waves from the Earth stage of CI5 for the mission and “Fly the coop” as the boss fight, the sky and ground color will be the same as CI5. In the future, we can come up with more waves and bosses ideas for the mission and make the sky/ground’s color match the planet color seen in the galaxy map
EDIT: this mission type only available on “terran planet” and “alien world”


Why only those worlds? You could have some fiery boss on fire planets and suns. You got the heat shield afterall.


Let’s add those first to test if something go wrong. Surely we can have more later(lava cave on inferno, snowstorm on frozen wasteland or special boss, building on barren rock) but not at the moment

How an hen can resist ON a sun?

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No chickens neccesary. Besides you move slowly toards the sun. And there’s still UFO’s, chickenaut’s and other ships.

Wave idea for the said mission: Egg Missile wave from CI3 will appear in this mission type

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