[Enemy Idea] UFO Chicken variants

If anyone is willing to make mockups for these ideas, feel free to post them

This has been an idea that has been lingering around my head for quite a while, and so I was thinking: Since we got a lot of variety on the enemies, why don’t we get in on the UFO versions as well?

So for those unware, currently we only have two types of Chicken UFOs; regular chicks and pudgy chickens, yet in-game we have far more variations of said enemies.

UFO%20Chick UFO%20Chicken

My idea is pretty simple, create variations of the traditional chicken UFO, each reflecting the individual enemies, mostly to spice up layouts by quite a lot.

But in case if you’re thinking: “These will not do anything different!”. Let me stop you right there, each Chicken UFO would behave slightly differently from each other, it mostly depends on the enemy inside, so for example:

  • “Regular” breed chicken and regular chick UFOs would behave like they currently do
  • “Pudgy” UFO chickens would shoot out drone eggs instead of the regular ones, you know those eggs that explode once you’re near their area? Yeah, those eggs
  • “Military” breed chickens and pirate chick UFOs would try to dodge your attacks, but they would have regular attacks
  • Ninja chick UFOs would fly off of their area in an attempt to hit you
  • Pilot chicken UFOs would attack with two eggs, but one by one to not ramp up the difficulty (@1galbatorix1)
  • And why stop there? Why not have Metal-suit chickens in UFOs? They would shoot lasers instead of eggs (the look of the UFO might need to be changed for this one, as otherwise they’d look identical to their regular counterparts, because, they COULD use a different type of UFO to make this a thing)

Now as for one thing to address with this concept:

  • UFOs already look pretty similar to each other, so if we add more, it could get extremely confusing. Maybe add color coding to the types? (@1galbatorix1 for the idea, @Davoid for bringing this up)
  • On the matter of color-coding, I have an idea of how it could look, do note that most of these are based off of their vest colors:
    • Regular Chicken: Yellow
    • Pudgy Chicken: Red
    • Military Chicken: Green
    • Metal-suit Regular Chicken: Light Blue
    • Metal-suit Pudgy Chicken: Pink
    • Metal-suit Military Chicken: White
    • Pudgy Chicken: Dark Green
    • Regular Chick: Orange (yellow was taken)
    • Ninja Chick: Purple
    • Pirate Chick: I dunno, maybe Black?

And that’s pretty much it, let me know your opinions on this idea.


Alſo, there ſhould by a U.C.O. UFO.


The problem I have with this, that not only are the UFO very recognizable right now and you can tell which does what, with different enemies, you will just have to scan all the UFO’s. You can only see their head, and it’s also partly blue like all other enemies will bein UFO’s.
And also it mostly doesn’t make sense as they’re controlling the UFO, and not using their suits and equipment etc. to deal with you.

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No, we should stop there.

Don’t forget about the Yolk-Star™ UFO.



Jokes aside. This is not that bad concept in general, but for it to work, different types of UFOs must be easily recognizable. Color indicator of some kind maybe?

Ah, and this:

Big NO for that. Regular targeted eggs are annoying enough. Double eggs flying directly at you would probably be a nightmare.

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Sounds good, might scratch the pilot chicken UFOs off the list, they would be a nightmare

EDIT: Done

Well, pilot chicken UFO itself aint a bad idea, just the attack. Maybe instead of double egg flying at the player, it would spawn 2 eggs, but one by one, so the “projectile” is longer, not wider. In such scenario it probably wouldnt be that hard to deal with.

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