Enemy Idea: Reflector Chicken

Backstory: The Henpire has been having their troops improved rapidly during these years and they’re also growing even more and more intelligent over the Heroes and the UHF. With the defeat of the Henperor’s Apprentice, many chickens have been learned a new way with it’s power. Instead of moving the Heores ship away, it will now make your attack reflect back to you!

Health: 20000
Appearance: A chicken with a military breed, wearing a black armor and a gas mask.
Size: 0.5 bigger than regular chicken
Abilities: Create a round shield which reflect back your attacks. Reflected attacks are much slower compared when they shot by the player.
Weapons that are affected by the shield:
Ion Blaster
Neutron Gun
Utensil Poker
Corn Shotgun
Photon Swarm
And Boron Railgun (It’s will dissolve the Boron Railgun and it cannot reflect it back)
Weakness: Lightning Fryer, Laser Cannon, Absolver Beam
Strength: Barbequer, Hypergun.

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So you can’t complete wave uf u don’t have thoose weapons?

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There is a 15 seconds between shield time. It will de-activate when 15 seconds passed and re-enable again after 8 seconds.

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So this is the same as bubble but appears absolutely anywhere, makes you wait 15 seconds instead of only a few seconds if you don’t have the right weapon and has an amount of HP beaten only by gatling guns/laser guns(provided you’re saying it’s 20000 hp at 140% difficulty and not something else). Truly amazing.
Also weaknesses and strengths are for weapon groups, not individual weapons. You can’t make laser its weakness and yet barbequer its strength, for example. That’s not how it works.

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Is it indeed 20000 health is for superstar hero. Lower difficulty lowers their health by 1000. So that it will much easier to beat them in Tourist mode and much more harder in Superstar Hero. (If what you’re saying is actually match my calulations. The Base Health of this chicken is actually 10000 and yes difficulty affect it health.

Health depends on overall difficulty, not on skill chosen. Skills just add difficulty(or don’t do anything to it, in case of rookie and tourist. Tourist does not reduce difficulty). I am also not sure how you got base hp of 10000 with your calculations. What does lower difficulty lowers their health by 1000 even mean? You mean, every 10% difficulty? Every 1%? Or you mean just choosing an easier skill? The base hp of 10000 does not match up with any of these.

Oh, if that the case, than yes, at 0% it will be only 10000 health and at 100% difficulty it will be 20000 health.
0% to 10% is 10000 health
10 to 20% is 11000 health and so on. If there a problem. Please let me know tbh
I have been absent from this community since 2019 and it’s been 3 years returning so pardon me for lack of knowledge.

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Health in this game increases for every 1%(in fact I think it might even increase for fractions of % but the game doesn’t actually display the difficulty in fractions afaik), and skills add following amount of difficulty:
Seasoned adds 10%, veteran adds 20%, virtuoso adds 30%, superstar hero adds 40%, rookie and tourist do nothing to difficulty. Hope this helps.

oh than that’s the case, this chicken might have an increased health or maybe gaining a much more health compared to what I listed (Maybe it can be 30000 health but that would be too unbalanced “or not idk”) but because I wanted to make this chicken a rare occurance like it’s doesn’t appear often and only appear once or twice in some level to ensure that players doesn’t feel frustrating when dealing with them. (And yet, someone say 10 of them just make you gone nuts.)

Someone said that probably because the idea is straight up unfair. It’s just a time waster if you don’t have the right weapon for it, not fun to deal with at all, and if you don’t manage to kill it then you have to wait yet again. And for any other weapon, the enemy would be just an extremely tanky barrier.

Well small doesn’t mean it not fun, sometimes alot of them may screw you alot. Other times, were you would just waiting for ages for their shield to come off just to shoot it before it activate again. That’s why I try to make them only appears once or twice to make sure the wave doesn’t last like over 5 minutes of waiting.

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