💡 Enemy idea: Chick Hammer Gun

Chick Hammer Gun
Chick Hammer Gun

Basically it act like chick gatling gun but it fire a burst of egg (Like egg cannon cannonade last phase)


• They fire 5-10 eggs each round
• They will fire 3 round, then reload (Same as gatlings reload time)
• Each round probably have delay around 2 sec (1,5 if its on high difficulty)
• Appears on 75% difficulty

After it fires, one of those lights turn off. When reloading they light up one by one.

Spawnbanned from waves where close quarters combat is necessary.


just call hit Chick Hammer


But every heavy weapon have gun at the end of the name.
Then… it would still be a good concept if it was called “Eggun”

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fair then, because there is a shotgun called “Jack Hammer” and y’know, Chick Hammer.

and I would like to name the following:

  • Gatling: SAS* Egg Turret (Space to Space)
  • Laser: Sniper Chick
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Tue hell :wink:

OP: Epic and interesting waves - #132 by Traveller


Welcome to “True No-escape” challenge


Design-wise, it looks pretty cool, a 7/10 from me, although the misalignment of those lights bother me quite a bit.

The attack also seems okay for medium to large sized waves with enough bullets to be actually threatening. But for smaller waves, and especially in close quarters, it might result in situations that are way too difficult for the average CIU player if not downright unfair but then again, several of the existing enemies also have this problem like the coward, slob and toxic chickens. This should be a no brainer, but this thing must be spawnbanned on certain waves, Wheel of Fortune being one example. Sure eggs from a chick gatling gun can be dodged, but a shotgun-like blast that close is straight up unavoidable.

And whilst the idea itself isn’t bad, it’s fair to say that it isn’t the most innovative idea out there. Still, it’s an okay idea if implemented correctly and by that I mean, PLEASE spawnban this enemy from waves where close quarters combat is necessary. I’d rate it 6.5/10


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