Enemy Concept: Weird Chick

Desc: The Henpire sure have crazy-minded chickens whose have massive ways of testing their so-called “creations” on their weaponry and even their own brethens. And their new experiment has made not only the chicken surprised but also the Heroes and the UHF as well. Meet the Weird Chick, these purple-eyed, purple feathers puff ball right here may look like a regular chick, but you will not imagine when this chick start to shoot their guano. You will not be shocked!

Basic Info:
Health: 100
Special: Their skins is so thick, that they only take maximum of 5 damage from every weapons! Yes, even superweapons!
They will also shoot 3 guanos continously at your location rather than 1 when they take 50% or more damage. They also shoot their guano faster than regular chick, making triple guano attacks occur more frequently.

You have LOTS of ideas lol.


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so it would be very annoying with weapons like absolver while not standing a chance against riddler and photon, very cool

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