Endurance when flying into poison

One thing I’m wondering when playing games is when I kill a poisonous chicken, it creates a layer of toxic smoke to kill you. But do you find it strange that you flew into that smoke and died instantly?
So this is unreasonable compared to reality, when you get poisonous gas you need to hold your breath to survive and run out of it. Do this in an update:

  • From a 0% -20% difficulty you can tolerate that inside of smoke for about 2 seconds before dying
  • From 50% -70% you can tolerate about 1 second
  • From 70% -90% you can endure about 0.5 seconds
  • From 90% -100% you die instantly
    So I need this update to improve my game. I will not force IA to do so but only advise them when they have time, please update this feature …
    Thank you so much! :ok_hand:

It’s a toxic chicken

I don’t know, it won’t help if you’re using a bomber

cough English Please cough

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keep in mind that they don’t even appear below 40%


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