End of Mission Tip Suggestions

Sorry, no fancy intro this time. I’ll cut to the chase and put my tip suggestions here.

Tip: A good hunter knows how to balance brains and brawn. Avoid firing indiscriminately on crowded waves.

Tip: Being only good in one weapon will not make you good with other weapons. Try to mix up your weapon usage.

Tip: Slob Chickens have a chance to fire a ring of projectiles when provoked. Kill them quickly, and be prepared to move out of the way.

Tip: Toxic Chickens release deadly gas that will contaminate your reactor process, causing your ship to malfunction and explode.

Tip: Toxic Chicken gas need a brief period of time to manifest. Move out of the gas before it does become deadly.

Tip: Coward Chickens do not fight back when they’re fleeing, but they will fight back when they’re still brave.

Tip: The Henpire never rests.

Tip: An Armored Eggship may seem more intimidating than a Chickenaut, but they’re a lot more predictable.

Tip: Pudgy Chickens drop Drone Eggs that will turn into egg splats when they’re in range of your ship.

Tip: Military Chickens are rather bouncy. Try to aim well to maximize your damage on them.

Tip: Ordinary Chickens are Ordinary.

Tip: Metal Suits are tougher, and can shoot in other directions besides directly below them.

Tip: Pudgy Metal Suits and Pirate Chicks move out of the way of your shots.

Tip: Bandana Chicks move towards your ship if you get close to them.

Tip: Assassin chicks look like Bandana Chicks. If you provoke one, they will chase your ship down.

Tip: Different food give different amount of food and points. Be watchful for belly filling Quad Chicken Burgers!

Tip: No more Chicken Invaders until you finish your homework!

Tip: Different Skill levels make the game harder or easier. The higher the skill level, the more score and keys you get.

Tip: Coins are worth up to 10,000 points, depending on their size.

Tip: Gatling Chicks and Lasergun Chicks are scary, but they can only aim at your current position.

Tip: There is no telling where a Chickenaut will shoot. Destroy them before they destroy you!


Tip: At the end of a mission, a helpful tip is displayed.

Tip: This is a very helpful tip.

Tip: Sorry. The Space Burger Outlets will not Super Size you.

Tip: The higher the difficulty, the more Boss Chickens you’ll have to contend with.

Tip: The higher the difficulty, the rate of fire and bullet count increases for Blast from the Past.

Tip: If you’re careful, you’ll be able to listen to when the boss fires. This will give you slightly more time to react.

Tip: The Sweater Chicken fires around the entire 360 degrees. Don’t assume you’re safe if you’re above the boss. “Far away” is a far better strategy.

Tip: Every UCO has at least one weapon that aims straight for you. Keep moving!

Tip: The Mysterious Ship always has one laser that fires downwards. Do not stay directly below it!

Tip: The Yolk-Star™ has more cannons depending on the difficulty.

Tip: The safest place to be is actually near the surface of the Yolk-Star™, as the beams (like all beams) taper out with distance.

Tip: Stay near the Yolk-Star™ while terminators fly in, then slowly slide downwards while continuously firing to destroy them.

Tip: Avoid rushing things when dealing with the Yolk of the Yolk-Star™. It grows in size the more it’s damaged.

Tip: The Superchick is humungous, but it’s not very bright. Most of it’s attacks are aimed downwards.

Tip: The Superchick’s bolt attack spreads out randomly, so keep your distance.

Tip: The Space Crab attacks follow a strict pattern. Familiarize yourself with them before blasting away.

Tip: You only need to destroy to yolk in order to defeat the Mother-Hen Ship, but if you take the time to destroy all eggshell pieces, you’ll be rewarded with a special surprise.

Tip: You can actually fly safely through the the metallic structure supporting the Mother-Hen Ship’s shell. Just don’t touch the yolk or any shell pieces!

Tip: An Infinichick Twin will double their efforts if you kill their brother. Try to destroy both of them at the same time.

Tip: Move slowly and steadily away from the Egg City’s ‘smokey’ attack. Moving quickly will make things harder for you as the projectiles will cover more space.

Tip: Some parts of the Alien Mothership are invulnerable, and they only become vulnerable as they are exposed. The vulnerable parts are a darker shade of green.

Tip: When the fight starts, the Apple Core is harmless, but it will soon start firing homing bolts. The bolts come strictly periodically, and increase in amount as you destroy more barriers.

Tip: The Apple Core will give you a special surprise when destroyed, but only if it’s not the final object you destroy!

Tip: Be on your toes when the Iron Chef first appears, because he has a tendency to fly down low and crush you with his arms.

Tip: The Egg Cannon has five damage stages, each delimited by a purplish mini-explosion. Powerups flow out when this occurs. Each damage stage adds additional attacks.

Tip: It’s possible to pass between the Special Forces’ knives unharmed if you remain absolutely still. However, do not attempt this with a Heavy Bomber.

Tip: The Party Chicken follows a specific pattern, and then does it’s own thing after it. Be ready to move out of the way of the ring attack.

Tip: Move just enough to avoid the Apprentice’s lightning beams. It doesn’t do you much good to veer all over the screen.

Tip: Pick a brother and concentrate your firepower on it. Don’t switch from brother to brother as this will increase their lifetime.

Tip: The Henterprise has a lot of attacks, but initially worry about getting out of the way of its devastating dish laser. You’ll know it’s coming from the orange charging glow.

Tip: The Henterprise may not fire to it’s sides, but it’s not stupid enough to not do so if you try to take advantage of it.

Tip: Avoid getting close to the Henterprise’s dish on it’s final damage stage… You’ll find out why when you try.

Tip: The Magnetic Manipulator’s protective meteors cannot be destroyed. Maintain your accuracy by only firing at the boss when it’s unprotected.

Tip: Avoid entering the last damage stage while Henlley’s Comet is moving downwards. You might end up in a sticky situation.

Tip: Bossa Nova protects itself with Supernova Debris, but they can be pushed if your weapon is capable of concentrated fire.

Tip: A Yellow Flash will indicate which side Feather Brain will move to. On Higher Difficulties, you’ll have to figure it out.

Suggest your own tips below.


Tip: Once you destroy The Yolk-Star™, don’t celebrate too quickly.

hm, I sense a disturbance. Not know what that is but eh, whatever.

Fuck my paranoia

I’ll put more boss tips later. Try to not suggest until they’re complete.

You always sense a disturbance. Go get some help.

Tip: Cooperate with other heros in order to find legendary equipment

Tip: The Egg cannon cannon cannon cannonade started as a joke

Tip: You can have a lot of fun playing chicken invaders universe!

Tip: Ion blaster and Utensil poker may look similar weapons but they cover different playstyles

Tip: You can tell if a chicken is a ninja or an assassin by looking at its bandana. Assassins have it on the left

Tip: Do you have any idea on how to improve the game? Tell about it on the official forum!

Tip: You are cool


Tip: There is no tip. Try to make your own strategies at times.
Tip: Weapon overheating too fast? Save up for a better heat sink.
Tip: Each weapon has its own characteristic. Riddler overheats slowly, the Ion Blaster has great spread, and the Utensil Poker has wrecked balance charts since its creation.

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A good player uses tactics, the best player uses everything at hand.

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Tip: Don’t trust these tips

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