End-mission lore bits

So lately I’ve seen some people here very thirsty for some Chicken Invaders lore, regarding the origin of different bosses, chicken breeds and all that. Obviously these kinds of things aren’t super compatible with a game like CIU since, well, it doesn’t have a plot the way previous games do. Unless there’s some kind of events after official release that have a bit of lore, I don’t think that this game is going to tell us a story.

I was thinking that, instead, the game could give little lore bits here and there? Most videogames do it on loading screens, but this game loads everything so fast that it’s not an option. Maybe they could appear at the end of missions the same way tips and hints do, or they could show up somewhere on the screen during long travels between star systems. It would be fun to learn about stuff like the origin of the chicken race, how certain types of chicken came to be, or what the heck is that Space Crab up to.


that’s a pretty cool idea

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