Encoutering bugs

I’m encountering some bugs which may affect a lot to the players

1st: The pause menu doesn’t seem to work at my side. When I press Esc key, the pause menu doesn’t work. My esc key was still functioning well at that time, but the pause menu doesn’t seem to work

2nd: The chick UFO sometimes go out from the screen, and if they are destroyed, the UFO won’t drop down, instead they just disappear outside of the screen (Will give a video and more detail about the wave later)

I hope you guys can fix the first one fast, since it may affects a lot to players

Wrong category.


Oh shoot! I meant it was for early access, I forgot to change the category. Thanks for notifying me!

Both bugs are known.

I guess I should have read more before posting, thank you for telling me

You can change it anyway

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Do this: When the ESC key doesn’t work during the mission, hold down the RIGHT mouse button. At the bottom-right of the screen you should see a series of white letters (for example: [A][Space]). Let us know what it says in your case.

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