Enabling Party2002 mode from within the game

Since all seasonal content got added in the game recently without having to wait for a certain holiday,then i don’t see a reason why the party2002 mode should not function the same.

I know you can enable it with a startup command but it’s overall more convenient for the average player to have a button somewhere in the game to enable it,not necessarily just for average players anyway.

And also enabling the mode via startup command seems to not play the music that was assigned for it but instead plays the original tracks, so I’m thinking if this gets implemented, the tracks from party2002 mode should make an appearance once again,they were cool.


Not a bad idea


I’ve said this idea before. No need to say it again and make another topic for that.

I didn’t see,my bad

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This could be a secret that acrivate if you type “2 0 0 2” in the title screen


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