Elite U.C.O. spotted!

Backstory: It’s seems that the chickens always found out that their U.C.O. always fails is because their weaponry is not enough to stop the Heroes and the UHF, so they have planned an even crazier U.C.O. by their own. Constructed all by the Chickens with the help of the G.R.S.C, the final model of the U.C.O. has been completed and it’s will ensure this will make the heroes have no way to escape their demise. Unfortunately, they still hasn’t fixed the weapon weakness error, which is why the chickens always fail…

Basic Info:
Music: CI3 Boss theme
Health: 500000
Appearance: It’s a chicken controlling a giant UFO with 2 egg launcher, 2 green laser, 2 purple neutron and 2 red lasers.
Attack: The Elite U.C.O. much like the 6 armed version, only have one attack, which would shoot their red laser to create a prison for the Hero, while it’s purple laser, green laser and egg launcher aims directly at the player ship. The green laser only attack once while the purple neutron and the egg will aim at the Hero’s latest position to destroy it. There a small chance they will wobble down so deep that it can crash you, luckily, the tube connecting to it weapons does not collidable.

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Suggested before already, not unique enough.

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Ia said no more ucos (most likely)

is this what everyone thinking about?

Donny really loves this.

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