Eggs that activate with time instead of proximity

Thank to this interaction which @anon27929001 and @Davoid, I could suggest the implementation of eggs which break open after a set time has passed after the chicken lay the egg. There exist the “proximity egg” where the egg is prone to breaking when a player is near it. But what if it just break with time. This could make the game much harder.The egg, after the time expired, would stay at a spot for 5 second, causing area denial . The time for the egg to break would be randomly generated during gameplay. It might be feasible to implement it but the coding might be complex but I do not have any experience with coding so I cannot say.Thank for reading this idea.


5 seconds? This could be problem when these stack given that “proximity eggs” had a much shorter duration.

I-I mean duration should be same as “proximity eggs”.

Like egg-drone’s diode blink?

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I was considering for a more chaotic experience for choosing harder skills. But you are right. It can be problematic for player for that duration of 5 seconds.But I see the viability of keeping the yolk in-game for the same time as the “proximity egg” .It reduced players chances of death during a game and also can make the implementation of this concept (if they going to include it) a little easier.

From CI3? Similar but more random.

Their timer should be between 2-5.

You are right. But is it the duration of the yoke in-game or for the egg to break?

I agree, although maybe the timer should be less random. Despite that, it’s still a nice recreation of the egg-drone’s mechanics.


jesus christ


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