Egg White Root

The egg white root has 3 phase
It’s a weird looking white root.
the weapon is some Homing white star,red lazer,attack hand
In phase 1 it’s will has special barriers that create an egg white shield that protect the root YOU have to destroy the barriers


I’m working on phase 2 and hope you will support

I don’t quite understand, need more details

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It seems like a dark souls boss, honestly.
With sci-fi

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So what do you don’t understand?i will explain it for you

Finish your idea first.

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Yeah just like @Neutral said, please finish your idea first. Give it more detail about the appearance (i don’t understand what it look like), how its attack (“some” doesn’t clearly explain, give actual number) etc.

He just showed phase 1 and said that he working on phase 2.

Also, not to insult, but you’re not even speaking english at this point. I understand you may not be a native english speaker and have trouble writing, but I’m not able to comprehend most of the things you said, and I don’t think I am alone. Also, commas , and periods . Please.

It ſure looks intereſting and certainly has ſome originality, but obviöuſly I can’t decide whether to ſupport it before I ſee what the other phaſes look like.

I do have to aggre on this point, but at the same time this design seems too unfitting for this game.

Well, I’m waiting before paſſing judgement on that one.

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