Egg Hell Mode: Remastered

The UHF is unaware of the evil Henpire has stole one of their games in the game library.
The game is Touhou Project 15: Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, a bullet hell shoot 'em up game developed over 100 years where the bosses are literally dominating the player. The chickens learned the game and decided to attack like this. The UHF are aware of many reports from many recruits saying that the chickens are stronger before, they decided to develop a training program to train the recruits called “Prototype Chicken Project - Egg Hell”.

Egg Hell is a exclusive gamemode for competitive missions. This is where all chickens fire more often and bullet hell is guarantee. This competitive mission is for you to increase your reaction time and you dodging skills.

Egg Hell: the whole egg hell are consists only with time-out waves, bosses have phases and timer.

Wave formation: 5 x 7, 20% - 100%, locked on Veteran. Once a wave is finished, the next wave instantly starts.

Player: The player will have a hitbox of your hitbox with 3 Eggular Repulsors. Pressing the precision movement key will reveal your hitbox (always show on mobile).

Enemies: chickens will shoot even more often and much more bullets. They have these formations I provided:

Chick/Veteran/Ninja: Fires spread three wastes.

Chicken/Drone/Military: Fires spread five eggs/egg mines.

Metal Suits: Fires a circle of purple neutron.

Cowards: Shoots when hurt, no limits.

Toxic: when killed, fires 4 wastes in + formation.

Chickenaut: Doubles firerate, fires 6 neutrons at you.

Armored: like metal suits but even more bullets.

Slob: Keep it, I don’t really know how to barrage this guy.

UFO Chick: Spread 6 charged wastes.

UFO Chicken: Rapidly fire 10 eggs at you.

Restrictions: Bombers (you can’t fly if bomber is your flagship), Maneuverability jet thingies (Obvious reason).

Tier req: 20

CHL Needed?: yes, definitely.

Bosses will be posted at the later date.


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