Egg Drones & Eggships wave at once

Greetings Recruit
I have the Idea and It’s about new wave.

This wave Bring back the Egg Drones & Eggships.
Before wave got started,it will emit the danger zone.

Here comes the Egg drones & Eggships from behind to the front

Egg Drones will appear from the right and left edges
And then,Eggships approach from behind and shooting some eggs behind it

Amount of them :
At 0% - 33% Difficulty = 10 Egg Drones & 5 Eggships(Shoot 2 eggs)
At 34% - 66% Difficulty = 15 Egg Drones & 8 Eggships(Shoot 3 eggs)
At 67% - 100% Difficulty = 20 Egg Drones & 12 Eggships(Shoot 4 eggs)

I have No Idea for these wave name,If you have any Idea for these wave name,comment below.


Eggdrone and Eggship will be add to CIU (I think so) but they need an update for their texture, hitbox,… first.


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