Egg Drones and Egg Ships

Bring Back Egg Ships & Egg Drones

I personally would love to see these come back into the game. Depending on the difficulty and skill, the
speed of the Egg Ships and Drones, the deployment of the Egg Ships’ eggs and the gap between the lasers shot out of the Egg Drones will vary. We can also bring back the levels that they appeared in: ‘Egg Drone Minefield’ and ‘Egg Ship Fly-By’.
Example Image of the Egg Drones:

Example Image of the Egg Ships:


Already suggested. egg drones
ci3 enemies

oof, ok

It’s worth to let know IA that players really want them to be added lol

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All right, here’s another online petition to bring back weird stuff:

  • Please bring back Eggships and Eggdrones

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They’ll probably needed to be remastered if ever iA will add such on the game.


Yeah … there’s a huge design gap between CI3 and CI4 onwards.

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please if IA add them, they need some form of warning

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tru, tru

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personally i’d like to see them remastered, the later designs for CI5 and CI4 are much different than CI3, like @Enhawk mentioned

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