Egg Drone variation

If ever Egg Drones are added to the game, I would like to suggest a variation of it where it shoots large eggs instead of a laser beam. These eggs have HP and can be destroyed by the player, and yields no points ofc. These eggs could hide chicks as well.


Maybe not available on CIU

Also it’s available on CI3

Maybe IA can’t add it. I guess


My prediction is, they will.

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It was already said that if enough unique new waves with these are suggested they might make a return in future.


‘‘Will’’, not ‘‘Might’’. Believe in it.

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I love being realistic.


I love being optimistic.

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A slim chance

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Honestly. Making it shoot an shoot-able egg is a bit ridiculous as we have to be behind it to shoot it. I see the laser version a better one

If we add this. Then better customize the look of this one so it doesn’t look confusing.

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You are not required to shoot every one of them, this won’t affect bonuses like Clean Sweep, Multikill, etc.

Seeing the shape of the drone itself, they’d better off shooting bullets than lasers imo.

Obviously, supposed to do so in OP but too lazy to edit it.

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