Egg city (damage effects)

umm for some reason when we shoot the egg city with the ion blaster there is no damage effect on the boss (i dont know about other weopons but the ion blaster gives no effect when trying to damage the boss = egg city) see it for yourselves (this excludes chicks the egg city spawns)


i tested other weopons turns out non of them give effects either

ignore the graphics issue. you can see that after the weopons hits it just dissapears egg city gives no damage effect (sound is there though)

Is it at Low Detail or high detail?

low detail (ignore the graphics cuz my graphics card is a discontinued one)

im getting it fixed next month

low detail does that as it control the graphics and special effects
and in low detail there is no special effect shown

wait what oh no
sorry but this only happened cuz i did nt know low detail mode does that)

can i delete post?

Eh, no need to. Just make sure to mark Arnav’s answer as the solution.

ok thnx

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