Egg Cannon - Infinite Points Exploit

Not sure if this counts as an exploit, but yesterday in the daily challenge it occurred to me that it is possible to earn an unlimited number of points fighting the Egg Cannon on easier difficulties as it continually spews out endless chickens without any other more dangerous attacks. If you use an auto-locking weapon or one with restricted range (basically lightning fryer, plasma rifle, positron stream, or laser cannon) it is possible to endlessly farm the wave without hitting the cannon.

They stopped dropping powerups after a while, but continued to spawn food, coins, and keys endlessly - I was able to farm a solid million off of them before I got sick of it (and I’m not hugely patient). These points are then multiplied at the end of the level by things like difficulty bonues and could hypothetically give someone an absurdly high score.

Now this isn’t really an issue in normal missions - it’s not really much different to farming any other way - but I imagine a player who is better at the game than I am could get an unreasonably strong edge over the competition in an easy or intermediate daily challenge should a 1-stage cannon happen to be one of it’s bosses.

Is this intended behavior? It feels like it’s an exploit to me.


This doesn’t happen just with the egg cannon. It also happens with the henterprise and planetary egg city. I dunno why these chickens drop anything(or why they give points), they should just drop powerups until the limit hits, at most. No food, keys and coins.


From what I know, the chickens that summoned by Henterprise and Egg Cannon only give 1 point per chicken. I didn’t check Planetary.

Well yes, but the keys still give 11111 points.


The infinitely-spawning chickens always give 1 point to discourage score farming.

As for the food and keys, they are always a function of playing time. Sure, if you spend an hour on this wave you’ll collect a lot of food and keys, but not more so than if you spent an hour playing the game normally. And playing the game normally would (presumably) be a whole lot more fun for you :wink:


Well, it’s not an issue for regular missions. But for dailies, it kinda is


Yes, exactly. It is not an issue as a regular mission and I normally wouldn’t think of doing this. It only becomes an issue in daily events where the maximum score is usually limited by the waves.
Even though the Chickens don’t reward a lot of points, they still drop coins and keys that do.

Tried it with the Henterprise but it exploded after 1 or 2 minutes of farming
(so, so sorry because off bumping and exploiting.Please don’t ban me or reset my progress :sob:)

Keys, coins, food should still drop but only 1 point each.

From the Exploit and Cheating Policy:

If some game mechanic is broken or unbalanced in the game and you take advantage of it, that’s an exploit. It’s an exploit if you find somewhere to sell equipment for more than you bought it for. It’s an exploit if you farm boss levels for keys from the infinitely spawning chickens. And it’s an exploit if you use an auto-clicker to reach much higher manual firing rates than any human could.

In exploits you’re still playing within the rules defined by the game, and it’s up to the game to fix them. We’re fine with this – you’re doing nothing “wrong”. The game should change prices, or should prevent chickens from dropping too much food, or should lower the maximum allowed firing rate of a weapon.

So you’re all good. No need to worry :wink:


Thanks :smiley:


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