Egg cannon as a sattelite, And the ability to upgrade sattelites

So i thought out of taking a shower a few days ago, “Can we make the egg cannon a sattelite?”
It has 5 attacks, (You can get the other attacks by upgrading the sattelite, It will start from egg barrage going down.)

Egg barrage
It shoots multiple eggs, Much like a shotgun.
You can hold the fire button to make it only shoot 1, But powerfull egg that will explode once it reaches target,Much like ICBMs.

Cheeto Attack
So ya know those Cheetos looking lasers?
So hold the fire button, At first it will shoot very accurately , But as time goes one , the directions
of the Cheetos become more and more random. It will stop once you stop holding the fire button

Homing Strike
Those red thingys are Homing right?, So lets make them smol and aim for the enemies!

Firin’ the lazar!
Right the Egg cannon has those sattelite dishes that shoot lasers, lets add them and zap your enemies!

Laser shotgun
The sattelies will make a “wall” of lasers and shoot the thing once at full power

You can upgrade satelite weapons to increase ammo, damage and speed of said ammo
or in the case of the Mini egg cannon, Change its attack. You can change the weapon by accessing it from the ship menu.


Think you got your math wrong.



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