Egg Cannon and Henterprise needs a rework

As far as I played Universe I have encountered 3 times the Egg Cannon and faced all the 3 Henterprise’s battles.
In my opinion both are “overnerfed”.

Egg Cannon’s “new” amount of Hp is fine but the fact that it only use three attacks (procedural…moreover) and none of them are THE EGG is a little unexpected.
The Henterprise has too few Hp in “Hend game” battle, and I permablocked Its pattern using manual-fire Neutron Gun.

These are my suggestions :

1)Give to the Egg Cannon a pattern like all the other bosses, give it back all of Its attacks. When he had a million hp the procedural pattern mechanics worked well but now is worthless and repetitive.

2)Nerf the food drop of the spawned chickens. They can used for food-farming and ruin the game economy.(800 food in an egg cannon battle if you manage to kill only the chickens is unaceptable)

3)As the Henterprise has that big laser why the Egg Cannon don’t shot at the very beginning of the battle that giant egg? So the procedural pattern could be… acceptable?

4)I now… nostalgia is a bad thing… I hope to hear in Universe their own themes in future

P.s: I end this post with an observation: In Universe you can find the same boss twice (and more?) in a mission
(I found 2 Egg Canons in the same mission)
I don’t know if This is pure luck or a bug but is cool

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I support having all Egg Cannon attacks in its rotation from the start in CIU because of its far lower health. Henterprise should even use at least two attacks simultaneously to pose a threat to you.

Yes, you can farm food from the spawned chickens, but I don’t think that it’s more efficient than playing through the mission normally. You need 30 food for one key, so even 800 food will only give you 26 keys. You can get more than 26 keys by playing a very short 5 or 7 wave mission.

The game is reasonably well guarded already against economy exploits. Food only gives you a few extra keys on the side so it’s not lucrative farming it, and farming keys from one wave means you lose out in the score department, which also awards a significant number of keys. Farming both food and keys at the Egg Cannon or Planetary Egg City, that might be marginally profitable, but you will still be in constant danger of being killed by the boss. I’ll also add here that farming is excruciatingly boring to do. The game has solid incentives to make you play the missions properly, and that’s how I think it should be.