Edge lightning on spacecrafts

It’s feel not so good when the sunlight don’t affect the shininess hue

What about adding extra shininess hue?


You’re right, that’s what I mean

Example, like this:

Edit: this is ray-tracing effect

Edit 2: this is not ray tracing because there simply isn’t any 3D objects being rendered as i had a lil misconception, also this is straight up impossible as the whole thread said


That would be a great idea,but that could be extended to planets too?
Also,I might be asking too much but boy would it be cool to have night sides and day sides…


Yeah. x2

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Is this your weird sideburn account?

uhmm. what

Yeah, I’m gonna have to disagree with that one. Some people use paintjobs that rely completely on the shine hue to give their ship the color they want. Making suns change the shine hue is just going to screw with that.


Care ſhould be taken not to overdo it, though.

but it’s just shinining effect on the space craft

c’mon. It’s just my mistake on writing

EA liked this?

I know this is a videogame, and it doesn’t have to make sense, but I’m gonna say it regardless: it doesn’t make sense. In my view if we are able to customize shiness hue, then a powerful technology permits us to do so. It wouldn’t make sense to have it be impacted by light sources.

reload page, read again. This is ray-tracing effect

So, how does it contraddict what I said? Unless I’m missing something or you used the wrong word.


Well, we do have pearlescent paints. Not quite the same thing, but kinda similar in some ways.

That being said, how would you handle the additional shine given by the sun if the color is set to black?
Say, like on this one:
Logically speaking, this ship would probably be coated with a finish that would actually make it reflect less light, since the reflection is darker than the body. So I guess it’d have no effect, then?

But how about this one, then?

Well, still no. Here the ship is coated with a finish that only reflects blue. That means that the sun would have no effect on the reflection, because all the light would just be absorbed (unless the sun is also blue, in which case it’d just make the reflection brighter).

How’s ray tracing supposed to work with 2D sprites? Like, at all?

Ship shininess are also made from sprites like the spaceship itself. If shininess would be applied when near suns, it must consider all spaceship angles, not just only one which is facing a sun.



I know…

The spaceship are made out of 3D models, applied as 2D sprites (cmiiw IA).

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