Easter eggs for other games

While Chicken Invaders already has plenty of references to Star Wars, it was suggested by several users in the CI Discord that IA could also add Easter eggs for his own games scattered across the galaxy, like Piggly, or maybe even Island wars. This will be much easier to implement since IA won’t have copyright issues.

Another game that could be referenced which shouldn’t cause any trouble as well is Platypus.

Which ones do you choose?

  • More Star Wars
  • Piggly
  • Island Wars
  • Platypus
  • Other (reply to this post)

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This isn’t something mandatory, but everyone likes a healthy amount of Easter eggs.


Well, i chose “Other”.
And that other game reference iis…
Plants vs. Zombies


Easter eggs based on previous CI episodes.

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maybe uh some reference from undertale or half life idk what exactly

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All possible iA games and something Nintendo.

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I suggest: No more references.


other: minecraft

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