Easier version of Yolk-Star

Well, since some bosses like Egg Cannon, Henterprise and Mother-Hen Ship (on CI2) have their easier version which don’t use all of their attacks, why don’t we have it on Yolk-Star as well?
(actually its difficulty already determined how many lasers it will have, but I want more than that)

  • From 0-30%: does not summon any terminators
  • From 30%-50%: summon 1 terminator wave each time
  • From 50%-70%: summon 2 terminator waves each time
  • From 70%-100%: summon 3 terminator waves each time
  • Possibility 4 terminator waves in 100%-140%
How do you think?
  • Good
  • Bad

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yolk star doesnt even appear below 25%

then just make it appear along with this change

uh no? none of the “final bosses” can appear below 25%

Yolk-Star is perfect the way it currently is. Not too hard, not too easy, just… perfect.

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Anyways, who came up with the idea of nerfing Egg Cannon on lower difficulty?

The question is Why, not Who.

Because there are beginners.

Well, Egg Cannon is already weak, so there’s no reason to make it appear on lower difficulty :roll_eyes:

At least it’s not as hard as the Yolk-Star.

So, if it really doesn’t as hard as Yolk-Star, then why we need to remove some of its attacks and making them appear on lower difficulty?
That’s why I came up with this idea.

To balance things out between beginners and experts.

We already have a harder Egg Cannon

I simply think that Egg Cannon doesn’t need to remove attacks, instead it could just attack slower just like how it supposed in CI4.
But whatever.

the yolk star already has fewer laser cannons for its easier variants

no need to make it any easier with 4 cannons

I don’t have so much problem with this boss since I have beaten it without losing lives. Even when it’s have 7 lasers.
But the main thing I come up with this idea because of removal attacks of other bosses that I mention.

Some Villain boss doesn’t appear on 25% difficulty
Also Yolk-Star and other villain boss not that hard, just some opinion say the Yolk-Star hard
For me: Yolk-Star not hard

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I can agree, (as a person with skill issues).
But there are issues in this one.

Offtopic: delete a myst… ship aproc…

why you need to remove mysterious ship?

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