Earth Missions

If you played CI5 you will wonder where is boss 110 acoring to the Name of the boss in CI5.
Well here is an idea… EARTH MISSIONS! , here is how they work :
If you played Chiken invaders universe for a proximity of 4 consecutive days , then you will get an event mission , a medal and an award of 34 keys. You can NOT re-do this ever again (not mission) on the same account. Then you will receive an event mission. That missions can get very weird or funny , for example : " The Earth is NOT flat". Then you click start and you start within space. At half of the mission you will see the Earth atmosphere and at the few last waves/Bosses you can see the sky of the Earth. At the very end of the mission if your score is more than 100.000 you will get a secret cutscene in witch it shows you the full timeline , at the very end of the cutscene the spaceship from CIU and CI4 wonders where Hen Solo went… , then all spaceships from all CI games reunite and celebrate between them , Even the bosses from all games! , then a screen will appear saying : " Congrats!" Then you will get an secret medal that is named : “All friends reunite”
After that medal is awarded , you will get an 120 keys , the 120 keys is awarded when you beat an Earth mission that is 4x10 and difficulty 98%-100%.
Hope you have a great day!

Please don’t hate me cause of this.

Planetary missions have been suggested MANY times. There are too many results so I don’t feel like listing them. IA needs to find a way to make them randomly generated first, so that there won’t be the same type of layout for the same mission over and over again. They might be added around the end of Early Access, but as of now, that’s very unlikely to happen.


If I can wait , I can wait.

Having all spaceships and bosses reunite doesn’t make much sense when this is supposed to be a spin-off


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