Earning keys in CI4/CI5?

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So I have PC copies (as in, not the mobile ones) for CI4 and CI5, and it’s very hard to earn keys. I’ve never had to patience to just replay and replay the same mission over and over in a row (like, maybe a few times, but after a while…), so they’re just sitting there with many of the higher-tier unlockables not… well,unlocked. :stuck_out_tongue:

In CIU I can fly a variety of missions so it doesn’t get stale, but the same doesn’t really hold true for the episodes. I find it hard to believe that very many people could have the patience to get literal thousands of keys this way, when you only earn maybe a few hundred per mission at best. I know that on mobile it’s designed for in-app purchases, so that makes sense, but the PC version doesn’t support that, to my knowledge, so it’s odd that it feels so grindy.

Am I missing something? Or am I going to have to live without the Millenium Hatchling and Space Ninja? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m afraid not. Key unlockables is one of the worst things that happened in the whole series. I think that IA lost a bet and was forced to introduce that mechanic.

To make it even worse when you have different versions you must grind from scratch again on every one of them. Like it was impossible to at least make a shared profile so you have your progress all the time and only textures and music change (because that’s literally what different versions do, they play exactly the same, you can’t change my mind)

That’s why I have a little hope that IA will make episodes DLCs for CIU with shared keys account, so you can play whatever you want and use keys wherever you want.

Yeah, funny thing… They were not designed to be in-app purchases on mobile. There are no in-app purchases for CI4 and CI5. The microtransactions are planned for CIU.

The best system of unlockables was in CI3


In all honesty I fully agree with this. I much preferred the almost Mario-Kart esque way things just sort of unpredictably unlocked in CI3, depending on your mission difficulty. You didn’t need to re-fly the same mission over fifteen times. (Plus, Clupea Harengus “Red”)

I don’t mind the keys as much in CIU because it’s an open world free-to-play, and it’s less grindy because you have different missions to fly, but I don’t see the appeal of it’s integration in CI4/5. It feels a bit like an attempt to inflate the lifespan of the game by rewarding repetition instead of introducing new content - personally, I prefer a short, thoroughly enjoyable experience to a longer, repetitive one.


Cheat Engine

I’m not sure iA likes that lol

Or, like I keep saying, introduce Marvel end credits-esque shorter missions with new ship mechanics expanding the story, while having a higher key drop rate, unlocked by obtaining certain medals in missions and/or completing the base game on a certain difficulty, like in CI3. But I keep getting ignored.


That would achieve what I’m saying though - increasing the key drop rate in such a mission (or group of missions) would make the overall experience shorter, and having some sort of new content in those missions would make the overall experience more enjoyable.


I’ve just had a thought: what if obtaining the rare paintjobs were a “special” unlockable obtained for getting all medals in Rookie, Veteran, and Superstar Hero for Gold Digger, White Knight, and Space Ninja respectively? Would be insanely hard due to “Greatest Chicken Hunter of All Time medal”.


I agree; Really difficult challenge > Absurdly long grind.

(Not by much, granted, but still. And Greatest Chicken Hunter isn’t as insane as some unlock requirements I’ve seen in some games…)


Still makes it possible to unlock within one playthrough.


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