Early Key Grinding

I am a new recruit and I am wondering how to grind keys faster

Currently Tier 18

This is my equipment so far
H&C 101 Hatchling
Max Utensil Poker
Max Heat Sink
Max Reactor
Max Engine

If Difficulty matters
Seasoned Difficulty

Edit: I am currently in Priapus and where is the nearest Comet Chase or Meteor Storm?


The best farming missions are the rare “key rush” missions. The second bests are comet chase (featuring my Comet) and supernova missions.

Harder the mission is higher the reward is

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They can be played only once and can’t be assigned by squadron leaders to other squad members and this statement came from IA.

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Buy Superstar Hero difficulty and go play Daily, Weekly Challenge and some missions like Comet Chase, Meteor Storm, Retro (if you find wormholes),… and remember to sell your food at Space Burger.
That’s how I do.

How do I farm keys:

  1. find a 15% - 35% >=18 waves squawk block

  2. Play it on veteran

  3. Play it 3 times

  4. Sell foods

  5. ???

  6. Stonks

Not an efficient way but it’s the easiest way

Squawk blocks reward tons of food that you can sell, boss rushes are pretty fun and the hard ones give a lot of keys, and daily & weekly challenges. I also do comet chases, supernova missions, and retro missions.

Yeah, the difficulty does matter. You should definitely try higher difficulties because they increase the key drop rate (I might be wrong, but I sure do get a lot more keys on Superstar Hero than on Rookie).

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