Early Access version 95

cuz you give free loot for others

But when surrender, they will got disconnect and everything in the mission won’t count.

Hello iA, I want to ask you that: “Is it a bug?” and explain to me, please.
This one happens sometimes, specifically, when I go to an aftermarket (or the original shop) and choose CIU (ambient) soundtrack or CIU (intense) soundtrack, then when I change to any other soundtrack, there will have a moment (it happens fast) that the old soundtrack has a residual part (I don’t know how it is called). When I turned off the In-game Music, this one wouldn’t happen. I turned off the Sound volume, listen carefully and you will hear that.
Video: Can you explain this one? - YouTube
And if this is a bug, can you make it disabled, please.

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but others would still get the loots

Multiplayer does count for career now, if even one of the players is using Excel override at all (in the case it is allowed, which I think shouldn’t), they should all be disqualified (entirely from results for all missions, not just competitive). If it is allowed there should be a warning for the reason. However I still don’t think this should be available because:

It would be uncomfortable to display a warning in-game that “This mission is using Excel override” to warn other players, because this is a test feature and is here only temporarily, and should not be messed with when online multiplayer still has its own problems. This is not a public feature that all players deserve to know.


Because if the values between host and guests do not match up, then the game will desync. Besides, Excel editing has a specific purpose, and it definitely isn’t to play multiplayer games.


I’ve looked into this (for way longer than I should have), and it appears to be a BASS mixing bug (BASS is the sound library the game uses) when stopping and restarting music too close together. Can’t fix.


That’s known for ages (in the end of the reply).


They would be clean it too but not like bombs explosions.
For example barriers or ufos or alien containers or player’s ship explosion will clean a little part.
Boss explosions are like missiles and mines so they clean all the page

They are so small that they can be ignored except fire and ICBM satellite

For missiles and mines and boss explosions ,clean all the page
For clucker bombs and ICBM satellite it should be 75 % page (From the location of the explosion to 75% of the screen diameter)
For small explosions and fire satellite it should be the same size as the taxic zone of taxic chickens (or a bit smaller)

Is this necessary to report a Vietnam’s callsign name? Are you have much free time??

Yeah? What’s wrong?

I less have free time but now Im busy so I will post later…

“mày” isn’t really a negative word…

It is. It was mainly used for offensive sayings, but nowadays Vietnamese people use it as the main pronoun to socialize so the insulting degree seems to be decreasing a little bit, but that doesn’t mean “mày” is not offensive.

I suggest you read Terms of Service again.

In Vietnam have much pronoun to use. Not
all Vietnamese people use that pronoun, if you think Vietnam’s people use “mày” as a mainly pronoun, so did Vietnam is a country with toxic people?? Everyone there are uncultured

I’m actually talking about how offensive that callsign is, oh and yeah, I did realize that pronoun is now “friendly” in most situation.

If you aren’t Vietnamese, you can’t understand so much about how Vietnamese think and use their words

What, I aM Vietnamese, if I wasn’t, how can I understand so much?


I mean, I do realize how that pronoun is commonly used to be a friendly word, but I usually use it when I write it to be “m” instead, which kind of decrease the insulting degree, and I see others do so, too.

Me and my friend always use that word, looks like Vietnam people just don’t care how that word mean anymore…