Early Access version 93

Sorry, I didn’t see your bug before because it was filed under “Site feedback”. I changed it to “Early Access” and I’ve also fixed your bug.

:warning: To fix this bug, all user preferences will need to be reset . Preferences include: Galaxy hamburger menu (smooth zoom, notifications), Galaxy Overlay, tutorial messages. To avoid corrupting your preferences in the meantime, do not change the sorting of your favourite missions.


Playing in LAN now works. Thank you!


  • How about player who host multiplayer at competitive missions be able to change the mission skill? Since they aren’t going at leaderboards anyway, so make them be able to change the skills after selecting multiplayer.

  • Make “Multiplayer (everyone)” appear first and then “Multiplayer (contacts)” when pressing:
    Because “Multiplayer (everyone)” is better and it’s the main one(no medal needed).

  • When hosting competitive multiplayer game: if nobody joined you and you were alone the whole mission, make it count for leaderboards.

  • Can the new “PARTIAL” outcome have its own icon?

  • At Cup Group mission where Supernova could be more than 1 stage: it is always the same direction. Make it have a chance to be the other direction in the same mission if the mission is more than 1 stage.

  • Can you add a keyboard button to make the list at bottom right visible(in multiplayer missions)? Because sometimes you are busy in a wave and can’t read it to see who left, who joined, who said what… So add a default button( example: S) then we can change it later through options.

  • Make “Key Collected” bonus return in CIU but only for multiplayer, so you know if you got the key or someone else did(it’s up to you if you wanna add points to the bonus or not, I’d say add since you get less points in Multiplayer than in Single Player).

Also whenever you have time please check this post:


This is about gravity.

You can make it that when a person kills a chicken, the reward for killing the chicken moves in direction of that person’s own ship.
So that if two people were in opposite directions in each other, whoever killed each bird, the prize from killing that chicken would move in direction of his/her ship.
I know coding of what I said will be a pain and so difficult to do but this is really fair and if you could not do it I think host’s Direction is a good choice.(I am changing your mind😝)

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So, CI2 teamwork when.
CI2 efficiency when.
CI2 first kill when.

Those were more suited for the couch co-op multiplayer The Next Wave had, and not the current form of the ultra-advanced hyper tech modern multiplayer we have today! It would be funny to see them get reimplemented with new mechanics as multiplayer-exclusive bonuses, though. anyone else also up for seeing the appetite bonus returning too? only me?


boss theme plays on warp screen while i join the game???

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I want it
iA, return it back, but like this time, just like Super size me, the bonus gives no score.

Also imagine Mystery returning somehow.

this is a bug I found in single player

why the satelite is sideways?

Already reported and fixed in the next release.

No Icon for Partial?

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really? I don’t think it is full.

i think he set only contact


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It’s a Weekly challenge


Well, the progression will eventually be from single → password → contacts → everyone


I suppose. Let me think of a good icon :thinking:

Changed in v.94 :medal_sports: Idea

Meh. A better solution is needed.

I don’t think it’s worth doing that… but I can add a notification. will look into it.

No. Knockout missions as much of a surprise to you as your opponent.

I’ll investigate.

That’s impossible. The qualification stage only qualifies a ‘suitable’ number of recruits.

It doesn’t. It depends on how many recruits participated. E.g., if only 16 participate, then it’s going to much shorter than if 256 participate.

Fixed in v.94 :medal_sports: Bug

No, I can’t. Gravity is not per-item.

Will add as soon as I can find a decent icon.

Yes, really. It became full since you refreshed your game list (the list does not update in real-time).


Would be possible at least to change item’s gravity just for host-only depending on the direction? It gets kinda annoying when doing waves like “From both sides” and seeing food and power-ups just falling down (like in CI4).

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iA, can you make the next Galactic Cup start the same day the winner is announced, instead of waiting one more day?

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This guy callsign is Vietnam swearing word
Translate: !! Live is like a cunt !!
(cl is an abbreviation in Vietnam, it mean to cunt)

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i think this is a bug but I don’t know how to explain it