Early Access version 92

well that maybe on Thursday, October 21, the game is going to update version 92

There will definitely be an update. Unsure if it will be a client-only patch or not.


Crashed after changing Sound settings in a single-player mission.
Happened once.

that is a problem

IDK why but it feels like that the weapons are a bit overpowered to bosses now. (LVL 10 vs It’s a plane, no it’s definitely a bird." Hypergun

I hate this version

welp it’s not really exploitable
i mean u can save this mission or just assign this, even though u are guests


Fixed in v93, please try it again tonight on the new version and let me know if problem persists.

Already fixed.


uh so i played the host’s multiplayer mission and this got in the recent list

even retro
also give this to @CattyCheese

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iA, how about you make this warning appear before starting a competitive mission and not after finishing it? So people know and not get surprised:

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squadron assignments: the sequel

I chose this behaviour for consistency. If you play a mission, then it’s part of your history (even if it’s multiplayer)

It’s not possible to know if a mission has been disqualified before starting it. You mean preemptively warn that competitive missions may be disqualified? Nah.


I find it interesting

There’s already a warning that appears before hosting multiplayer. Just add competitive warning there. It’s important for people who don’t check the forum.

Should multiplayer warning about competitive mission appear along with the main warning(before hosting a competitive mission):
  • Yeah, I agree.
  • Nah, not nesseccary.

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The multiplayer warning is temporary, I suggest doing this instead: In the descriptions of the competitive missions in the mail, add a warning at the end:

(please word this better)

I don’t think much players care about descriptions. This is important enough to appear in its own warning before hosting/joining. Even if multiplayer warning gets removed this should stay before hosting/joining a multiplayer mission.

It is very important to read descriptions before playing competitive missions if you are competitive and not just playing for fun (Daily: only fly once, Space Race: penalty for using special weapons). But I don’t want the disqualification message to show as a pop-up every time I join, it should be a warning at Mission Config.

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Added to v.94 :medal_sports: Idea