Early Access version 91.3

That’s because you have the anonymous mode on, that will make others’ callsigns go :lock: :lock: :lock:

no its not that
but the name is still there in corner

then IA should make it so that it hides in the pllayer list of multiplayer

It would be more complex I guess, but a slider for the transparency level of other players and their projectiles and such would greatly help in multiplayer being actually playable without dying once every wave or so.

Additionally, can we have this as well:

Extra convenience wouldn’t hurt, right? (please don’t give me the medal)

The score should be white instead of dark blue when the ship is there

Also if everyone runs of of lives, mission fails please

No, if that rule apply to the game, everyone in multiplayer server can’t do mayhem.

what is mayhem and this rule is 100% fair because you can not buy extralives and still make it to the end with multiplayer

Dark blue? That seems just completely transparent to me. It’s supposed to be that way in order to not cover up your ship

I guess you could make it so that when the top left HUD is hidden, a glow is applied to the score, the glow color could be the highlight color.

the score number

Can you disallow special weapons in multiplayer mode, because some players tend to spam special weapons, especially missiles, mines and clucker bombs. Which causes other players’ game to crash


Why outright disable a huge part of the game? Could have just added a delay so you can only use your special weapon every 1 second(or every few seconds).


Screenshot 2021-10-14 235214
Screenshot 2021-10-14 235122
When I’m in incognito mode, and I select multiplayer mode, I still see my name in the bottom corner of the screen. Is this a bug?

Is this a new thing or I already see it?

S pecial Force S

my game just crashed
it shows another one after this

high ping = crash

Hey IA add smoke after leaving game in multiplayer. I mean when player is leaving, ship dissapears without anything, so I think it would be nice, smoke should be the color of the player’s shield.

Just why, I can play a double team mission in multi player when I don’t have licence.

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i get kicked out of the room instead