Early Access version 88

I hope that he will give me too

The purchases are indeed very suspicious, but have been performed legitimately as far as I can tell (i.e., the normal purchasing flow was followed, and PayPal authorized the transactions).

If it turns out that he has used someone else’s PayPal account without authorization and PayPal reverses these purchases, then his account will be permanently banned and all CHLs/keys will be revoked.

The gift recipients’ accounts will otherwise remain in good standing.

:warning: Until this matter is resolved: If you have been gifted keys, think twice before spending them, because if they are revoked in a few days, your account will go into negative balance, and you will somehow need to earn those keys back before you’re allowed to buy anything else in the Galactic Store.


The portal generates new Balloons even if the older ones aren’t dead:


By the way, I met him. I think he has too much money

Hm. That’s naturally caused by this fix:

:bug: Damaged Balloon chickens no longer disappear when their original group is deleted (e.g., “Zig Zag” wave)

I can’t possibly fix both. You can either have one or the other ‘bug’. Choose your poison :wink:


Well, they can’t gift things to those who are not in their contacts :wink:

In my opinion you should undo the v88 balloon fix

When he gives it to me, I too will start suspicious. (Probably)

Nah, this one is better(better multi-kill).


What about these bosses?

I think they were added in order to find artifacts

That was answered few times before. They might be added later but due to their planet thematic they won’t appear unless some kind of planetary missions get introduced, which is not soon, I suppose.

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Has anyone been given the CHL and the key by this guy ???
Heard some people say that CHL is illegal .__.

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That’s illegal and sus. He has given too many CHL when hê is only 12-13. You should be careful from now on


There needs to be an option to reject gifts from players, as well as a warning that pops up everytime you get a gift, to ensure that you trust the player before accepting, since the consequences of not being aware are very harsh.


I agree, after all, there is an option like that for Steam gifts

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  • Opening the game, realize, the “Assignment” tab is missing its “Squadron” sorting.
  • Then, i pressed the sort button in “Assignment” for several time to find it, my game crashed. After that, my game crashed all the time when i pressed this button non-stop, and at one rare moment, i got the gibberish in the image lol. (Now the gibberish is long gone, but still missing “squadron” sorting)
  • No, looking at this image, that thing is definitely not sort by squadron.

Me don’t :frowning:

And why did he suddenly stop giving the keys and the license? I even added to contacts, but does not accept

Fixed in v.89 :medal_sports: Bug

:warning: This is a very serious memory corruption issue. The other sorting buttons on the Missions screen have similar problems (even though it might not be apparent). I’ll probably have to issue an emergency fix later tonight.


Ok, ‘fixed’ it using a hack. Hopefully this won’t come back to bite me. Fixed in v.89 :medal_sports: Bug