Early Access version 87

Be patient, he is busy right now


I think version 88 release in end of September or early October


Not too late as you think. Don’t worry, just be patient.

No key multiplier, is it intentional?

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Probably, but I would say that every mission type must have a base multiplier though (feather fields, comet, meteor, supernova has no base multiplier)

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That is different because they naturally drop keys in, so no base multiplier is needed (they used to have in the past but was removed). Boss Rush is harder so instead of having no multiplier as originally planned, a +30% bonus is added later.

I don’t want 120th Anniversary to have a large multiplier though, because it is repetitive, easy in Rookie and doesn’t take very long to complete.

Choose a multiplier you want in 120th Anniversary:

  • +0% as it is now
  • +100%
  • +200%
  • +300%

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Fixed in v.88 :medal_sports: Bug

Awesome work, thanks :+1:

No, you need to set an e-mail first.

Hmm… not qualification. But I’ll change knockouts. Changed in v.88 :medal_sports: Idea

Well, I see in the code that this was intentional, but ok. ‘Fixed’ in v.88.


Can this be looked into please?

But I suggested it before in that post.

I’ve seen this, but it’s not the right time to be adding cosmetic changes as I’m currently very busy with multiplayer (which is incomparably more important)


Ok, medal awarded.


Thanks iA, also check the rest of what’s in the post I linked above when you have time.

How much stages can be hybrid(I suggest 2)? And are their chances of appearing the same as Weekly Challenge?

It’s already in the miniboss tier. Gatling/Laserguns are not part of the randomizer, they are hard-coded. And having a Slob in there would not be appropriate.

So, play it twice then :slight_smile:


So, this is why we will never see a Gatling Onslaught, sad

Currently, due to laziness “code reuse” reasons, I’m using exactly the same code as weekly.


May I take a look? :smirk:

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Knock yourself out:

		// Decide which stages will be replaced in hybrid missions
		const int hybridReplacement1 = rng.getI2(1, 4);
		const int hybridReplacement2 = hybridReplacement1 + 1 + rng.getI2(1, 4);
		const int hybridReplacement3 = hybridReplacement2 + 1 + rng.getI2(1, 4);


		if (pd->perPlanetMissionType == HYBRID)
			pd->perPlanetMissionType = INVASION; // Default setting
			// Certain planets have a chance of being substituted with another type
			if (p > 0 // Never replace first stage
				&& p < pInfo->numPlanets - 1 // Never replace last stage
				&& (p == hybridReplacement1 || p == hybridReplacement2 || p == hybridReplacement3))
				RandomPick rp;
				rp.addEventuality(INVASION, 1);
				rp.addEventuality(COMETCHASE, 1);
				rp.addEventuality(SUPERNOVA, 1);
				rp.addEventuality(METEORSTORM, 1);
				rp.addEventuality(FEATHER, 1);
				rp.addEventuality(SUPPLYDROID, 0.5);
				rp.addEventuality(BOSSRUSH, 0.125);

				pd->perPlanetMissionType = rp.pick(&rng).index;

Didn’t believe you’d actually share it. Sounds fine though

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Looks nice, sad for Boss Rush tho XD

Also iA, does Qualification & Knockout matches have multiple environments?

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More Balloon Chicken for regular breed & military breed.