Early Access version 76

And that callsign is illeagle

The animation of the Asteroid belt is faulty


It’s getting funnier duh

I just want to say that this looks cool and beautiful

Because there is a “Missions Won” percentage when you go to your in-game profile, do we really need a “All Galaxy’s Missions Completed” medal?
  • yes
  • no (because why would there be a “you have no life” medal?)
  • maybe

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He used both arms, did the bracket attack, but forgot to throw that fruit:

I know this was reported b4, but this is the 1st time seeing it after bracket attack, lol.

This missions is in my favorites:

But when I checked my to-do list the :heart: is gone:

Acknowledged, but I’ll allow it to stand since you’re supposed to be upgrading your own unit and not buying a new one from the store.


If I’m not mistaken, upcoming ironmans will be hot, hot again, frozen, frozen again.

That is why.

Don’t understand what you mean. It says 99.89%, why is that inaccurate?

Known. It’s because it moves again very soon, I think.

That looks like a graphics glitch, but unless more players report this problem, I’m going to put it down to an (unfixable) driver bug.

Correct. But you still have 3 full days to play it “under the new rules”.

Have you modded the game?

By definition to-do missions are not favourites (because in order for them to be marked as favourites you need to have finished them first). How did make it a favourite? Was it an squadron assignment?


Really? I don’t know anything

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Ok, i see

Ok, so it appears that your graphics card driver is buggy, because both the asteroids looks wrong, and also the line (Early Access version 76 - #12 by KaizoKaioticVN) . Reboot in case this improves things, otherwise look for a driver update.

Ok, cool, glad it’s not broken.

The health lineimage doesn’t move accurately with the health bar at the top(it wasn’t accurate at previous update but it is now, so nevermind that, sorry).

Yes, I cleared as an assignment first, then found it normally at Artificial Moon, finished it again and added it to favorites. After seeing this change:

I decided to redo all Double Teams I played b4, so I added that mission to to-do list by mistake and found this issue. I removed it because it was already in my favorites, so I can fly it whenever I want to.

Also why F9 isn’t working with screenshots anymore?

I noticed that my save data on the previous version are 7 files while in this version they are 5 files only(and no I did not touched any of the save files I just deleted/added screenshots there only). Maybe that have something to do with the problem above.

Mysterious Ship isn’t fair with Crab boss, could you disable it at Double Team?

iA, how about giving us the possibility to include a message to a gift recipient?

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uh idk man child safety or something

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I am aware of this, but iA could also add a note to remind the gift sender to not send a message that could be against the ToS.

Yeah, just tell people to be nice.That’d make the xbox kids stop aggressively swearing ig

First: Thank you for the gift😂
Second: I agree.
But you can also give a gift to someone who has already obtained this license.
Isn’t it better to get a warning message when we want to give a gift to someone who has already bought it?

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Or just disable giving it to people who have it.

I told to IA in before and he denied, because you can gift other things such as keys.

Message content: This person has already obtained this license. So you can not give him a gift.

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This is for licenses only, not anything else

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