Early Access version 66

Thanks iA, also at wave 12 (Overarching Chickens) of Ironman I used full-charged Absolver at Cowards but they still attack. Is it a new feature at Ironman? Because it works at other missions.

I guess so, but I also told iA about the exploit in PMs. Although, GoldenBoss did it first.

The changes I’ve made also made it harder to cheat.

You’ll get your Space Race medal back.

Everyone who uses this exploit to win the Space Race will have their medal revoked and given to the 2nd place instead.

No, it should always work. Perhaps your Absolver wasn’t fully charged?


I charged it for about 10 secs.

So since Fancis did it before should I get the medal or someone else?

I changed the idea a little bit
Can you add both of CI4 droids space background and CIU space background
(CIU background for Anniversary, wormholes and droid galaxy)
(Also, sorry for repeating that…)

I think there’s some confusion here.

  1. The bug medal goes you (for reporting its effects first) and @KaizoKaioticVN (for providing the exploit itself)
  2. The Space Race medal will be revoked and will be awarded to 2nd place (so @Francis in this case).

IA can you please read this?

Ok, but didn’t Francis used that exploit before if I understood correctly? At VerMishelb’s post above.

Yes, but it was used for the current Race. The medal has not been awarded yet (and the exploit will be corrected by then)


I didn’t use it in the previous one, but I did use it today. I’m paying the price for it tho :wink:

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IA is good at 9999999999999999pts :’)))

Can we have an option to change, who can dare you in UHF League?

Like this:

  • everyone can dare you,
  • only contacts can dare you,
  • no one can dare you, but you can dare everyone if they have dares enabled

You can change it in options in new category called “Multiplayer”.

This gave me idea to create another option in this category to change, who can invite you to his contacts.

  • everyone can invite you,
  • only contacts of your contacts can invite you (like friends of friends on Facebook),
  • only squadron members can invite you
  • no one can invite you
  • hide profile from other players

Sorry for bad English

If it’s bad

I think we should ask them to fill in their callsign first before buying the CHL badge

No. This is Ironman, not Space Race.

Why it is not UCO 4?

It Have A Chance To Be UCO4 Instead of Magnetic Manipulator

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It’s a chance. Not a guarantee.

Also, @InterAction_studios I think you forgot to update this.

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That’s plainly exploitable. Generally, you don’t have to participate in the League if you’re not interested. Just ignore it.

It’s on my list, along with this Hide callsign option ("streamer mode"?)

I don’t want to introduce more hurdles in the payment process. You already need an e-mail (unfortunate but unavoidable)


That would not work towards the bottom of the table.

But this would. Added to v.67 :medal_sports: Idea