Early Access version 63.2

Here is my take

I used the Mag to use it as the chicken with the lightning background similar to the old exe icons. And I used Mag because it looks like something from an empire because Henpire.

(frick, I didn’t read the whole thing properly)


You flew it as an assignment so, no, it won’t appear in your recents.

No, LOL is the 2nd assignment. The 1st (22 days ago) was GTASA.

Time is irrelevant. If you flew it as a result of an assignment, then it won’t appear. You can of course find it using coordinates and fly it independently – that will make it appear in your recents (I think).

That would probably work for a banner/marketing image, but it would be too small for an icon. Good idea, though :+1:

Indeed. Coming in the next hour.


can you read this IA?


sorry for pinging

Why are we going full competitive?

“Missions flown” and “waves flown” already exist. They also count surrenders and losses, but it’s close enough.


:information_source: v63.2 EMERGENCY PATCH has been released. Download it from here: ⬇ Download Early Access


Too fast

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Got the system announcement

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well this is unusual

I got it after I downloaded the new patch.

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in CIU’s website it is still 2020 like CIU

didn’t i downloaded earlier ??

The notification doesn’t care of your current version and it will automatically deletes itself after 24 hours.


can we have DOWNLOAD in here like when CIU has a new update?

yes it is fixed and i got another bug medal

Hey! That’s illegal:


why in this pc/my computer it has new icon but

it shows the old in here and

i made a shortcut it still show the old but

i copied the game and pasted in desktop now it shows the new but it does not open
why ?

It’s %100 safe. You can see the result yourself here.

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The thing I’m glad about is that I didn’t restart my progress at WC after downloading the patch. I was about to face Yolk Star™ at wave 50.

SPeaking of Yolk Star at the previous WC Yolk Star was at wave 50 too, it had 4 laser guns, but at this WC it had 5 although it’s still the same wave meaning it’s the same diff, did the diff got buffed at this update or it is intended?

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can we have for droids and shady dealers too?

Shady Dealers are just sell you items.

my suggestion was for all kind of missions…