Early Access version 61.2

ok and until you revert the change? I will not try the ironMan mission :thinking:

Maybe a quick patch instead could work.

And what about this?

Same thing.

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Fixed in v.62 :medal_sports: Bug


:warning: I’ve released the v61.2 emergency patch to fix the E_NOINTERFACE error some Windows 7 users are experiencing. There is no need to use this patch if your game is working properly.

Download it here: ⬇ Download CIU


Caused by full justification. See: Early Access version 55.2 - #48 by InterAction_studios

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Hello iA and everyone.
I have expirienced a bug with contacts. When i logged in my game , i went where one of my added contacts reciut was and the shaped star icon (*) did not appear , so i went to contacts and locate and then it was again , this happens to me on same contact every day.

What is your contact’s callsign? Send it to me in a private message if you don’t want it to appear here.

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Is it normal when shady dealers travel between star systems to disappear in the middle of their way?

Can confirm - I’m on Win 7 and it’s running fine for me. Only issue is that when I update the game, the screen is kind of offcentered - but restarting after a new update seems to fix that.

I do this anyway so I can keep my zero surrenders statistic. :wink:

Where can I find the Ironman competition?

Tomorrow, your inbox

so, finally the update i was waiting for

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There was a bug. I was playing boss rush and when the boss “Brothers Reunited” came I saw that party chicken was not mirrored. It came from right to left.

That’s not a bug

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That just an exception because party chicken only appears on the right

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If your life counter shows “0”, surrendering will not count the mission as surrendered but make it skip game over screen.


It is coming right, left, then from up right. But IA said it will be mirrored and it is not mirrored.

Because it’s RNG