Early Access version 57

we need an icon next to the “Skip” button and also make text bigger a bit
like this: image


Shouldn’t the skip buttons not be available in the beginning of the game? lets say players that dont read instructions will press the button and then be confused. I suggest removing the skip buttons when starting the main tutorial.

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imagine an old player who lose their email starting over the journey?
would they mind to LEARN TO PLAY?

every single game have a skip tutorial button, my man



  1. Doesn’t require much time.
  2. Gives you keys.

I Suffer from Something

When Everything is fine when playing . i suddenly Disconnect . then i re-log in in the game it says bad host

i tried to check the forum to see if the internet went wrong . i see that everything is fine with the internet

is this an sudden Kick from the game?

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Something very weird is happening with your internet connection. I don’t know what it is, but it seems serious. “Bad host” is a DNS problem, but if you connected to the game at least one, I don’t see how it’s possible for this to appear at a later stage. Perhaps you re-connected to a different network? Do you use several wi-fi networks?


Honestly, The “reset everything and earn all keys we’ve ever gained” is indeed the best option. Talking about the fair gameplay, early access players do deserve some advantage over others because they have joined this forum and CIU since the beggining and have been coperative…

What do you mean? I have a lot of space

I would like to know how Java could be related to memory problem. But honestly, I thought that Windows just creates temp files on hard drive when runs out of RAM.

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That’s What i am thinking . My internet strengh may crash while playing . but it fixes itself when i check the forum and anything else

also i saw some videos to some players that this issue happened to them . but i don’t remember them

I have an idea why not every time you turn on CIU a short cutscene comes out of one of the random loading screens from past games loading the game
(I mean these loading screens (I only had a picture for CI3))

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Didn’t we already have the other version of ciu loading screen?

Dude there is no need

  • keep skip button and add some icon
  • delete the button

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I know but it would be cool

Firstly, this is a disk read problem, so it’s not clear to me how it relates to RAM. Error 12 is ENOMEM, but that’s a low-level error code from the 70’s and back there were only a few codes and they were reused for a lot of different things (and meaning can change from platform to platform). The most potentially relevant description I could find is “Memory could not be allocated for internal buffers.”

Anyway, it could be an indication of a more serious underlying issue with your PC, but I’d suggest you should just ignore it. How many times has it happened so far?

Edit: Naturally, I’m assuming you haven’t modded the game in any way, otherwise all bets are off and anything could happen.


dont we have Accounts already?

This advice is still valid to recover guest accounts (without e-mails).


It’s possible to “change” your e-mail that you’re currently using to your same e-mail

I think there should be a prompt saying that the e-mail is the same e-mail that you’re currently using

Sorry if I make that hard to understand