Early Access version 56

@InterAction_studios the link is not working

Same here.

Be more specific. What exactly is happening?

When I click on the link, the new tab opens but closes immediately
and I’ve tried to open the link 10 times but it doesn’t work.

Got it, the link opens when you copy and paste it on the address bar!

When a link points to a file, it’s standard behaviour for browsers to close the tab immediately and add the file to the download queue.

Check your download queue (Ctrl+J on some browsers), are you sure the file isn’t there?


Yes, it isn’t there except the downloading file itself

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by the way i have a suggestion

Can Some waves of the (another U.C.O encounter: deploying anti-probe measures boss) have the purple laser shooters instead of egg shooters? because i find it challenging

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u should copy and paste it in new tab


It was already suggested:

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and fire slower because the weapon pods get full of ice

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why tho?


already said :

aren’t there many –shop-girls
In forum-64x64?

Uh What?

u wot m8

I mean the names of the missions like angryshopgirl

ohhh, yeah it happens lel, those codenames

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Lmao, Yep Happened, some people got mad :joy:

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Funniest names ever