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Why change your opinion tho?!

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I didn’t realize that it was a hard wave until i clicked that link.

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when i make it white appear white and if i make it black do not show any thing but why?and can @InterAction_studios make it black sun or moon

Can you explain how are you going to see BLACK shine on BLACK base?


what do you mean? okay just i discovers this

Also, shininess strength set to 0 will make your shine disappear at all so I don’t get what are you trying to get.


okay i understand you thanks

When using Ion Blaster with Bombers they won’t shot big bullets unless they reach max power, so I suggest to make the non-bomber spacecraft shot 1 big bullet at lvl-9 and 2 big bullets from lvl-10 to lvl-19, so bombers could shot big bullets at earlier levels and shot more big bullets at max level.

So what do you think of this idea:

  • This should be added.
  • Nah, leave it as it is.

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that’s not how bomber power levels work. you can’t do that without adding a big bullet on fp 5 for fighters


You mean at Bombers or normal Spacecrafts?

Anyway I’m not an expert at this, I just wanted Bombers to shot big bullets sooner than max power-level.

okay i like Ion Blaster on what it is and i think all players love it on what it is

Doing this would just break the weapon charts even more. A big no-no.

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I already know you opinion from the poll, you don’t have to reply.

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This happened during Egg Cannon fight (at 20:11 by GMT).

Will upload the video later in this reply.
UPD: Here it is. Kicked at 3:32 (Yeah mod can’t be the reason, I know what I am doing. Also, mod by Francis featuring unique green vulcan)


video is private

For me it’s not private.

he was private

Fixed :medal_sports: Bug. I forgot to press “Confirm” ._ .



It’s a joke.

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