Early Access version 54

The chance is 100 right? Also what does weight=0.5 mean?


I don’t know, maybe it means that it will be only half of a stage


No, you total the weights and the weight divided by total weight is the probability.


Then how much is it?

It depends on the amount of special missions (like feather fields, comet chase, supernova, meteor storm, maybe darkness, squawk block, droid raid)

Well, all of them has 100 except boss rush.

It means it’s only half as likely to appear as Comet/Supernova/Meteor/etc.

I might have reported weights as 100 in the past. In that case 0.5 really means 50.


Also, a chance is a chance

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I have an idea for UFO chickens

And the gif

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Is that good

what is this abomination

get the vacuum cleaner

Could the Asteroid waves for Anniversary be added at regular missions?


actually it would fit better in the squawk block missions :slight_smile:


And other waves from it too :wink:

Unless the asteroids will be block-shaped

It will no longer be squack block tho.

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Why does it say the warning message to me at Anniversary mission?

Because it has leaderboards?


Are there top-10&medals at Anniversary mission?!

Also how much time it gives me to get disqualified?

4 disconnections/reconnections

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