Early Access version 54

Why you still proceed to make a poll after IA’s answer on it: “No.”? It’s still ok, but i mean, he rejected.


Is it a crime if I wanted to see people’s opinion on it? Also IA isn’t forced to add it even if most people chose for it to be added.


I said:

I know, it was similar like when they wanted to replace egg barrier on do not cross wave with ball barrier settling it with a poll and IA voted no.

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After all “Retro Missions” are still a mission type like Supernova, Comet Chase, etc…
I don’t get why IA doesn’t want to add it tho!

It drops 3 at 125% and above.

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It should be lower than that, the reason I said that is because it’s really unfair to drop 2 Satellites at this type of wave :joy:

Also after how many difficulty number percent does the number of satellites increase?

Neh, i would prefer it like that, because something harder gives more items.

50%, for example, if you’re at 25%, it drops 1, and then at 75%, it drops 2, and then at 125%, it drops 3.

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I mean at this type of wave it should drop at least 3 satellites.

So from 75% it drops 2 satellites and under that it drop 1 only?

It’s gonna be too much, so nah.


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Wait, even with that number of Armors, jeez okay then.

Wait, you were right, it should drop 3 satellites.

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Why change your opinion tho?!

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I didn’t realize that it was a hard wave until i clicked that link.

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when i make it white appear white and if i make it black do not show any thing but why?and can @InterAction_studios make it black sun or moon

Can you explain how are you going to see BLACK shine on BLACK base?


what do you mean? okay just i discovers this

Also, shininess strength set to 0 will make your shine disappear at all so I don’t get what are you trying to get.


okay i understand you thanks

When using Ion Blaster with Bombers they won’t shot big bullets unless they reach max power, so I suggest to make the non-bomber spacecraft shot 1 big bullet at lvl-9 and 2 big bullets from lvl-10 to lvl-19, so bombers could shot big bullets at earlier levels and shot more big bullets at max level.

So what do you think of this idea:

  • This should be added.
  • Nah, leave it as it is.

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that’s not how bomber power levels work. you can’t do that without adding a big bullet on fp 5 for fighters