Early Access version 45.2

Fixed in v.46 :medal_sports: Bug


I want to bring back the controversial question about the slightly annoying player-suggested feature “should we automatically mount only equipment of its type?” (I posted it above, but it was ignored and forgotten)

Also, I think that waiting the game to load by the “mouse loading bar” may affect gameplay quality. It should be reverted to the original loading bar a few versions ago.


I found it strange having to double-click the make favourites for the mission to be added
as it isn’t a dangerous action right ?

I’m not expressing it very well, it’s probably only affect gameplay quality for a few seconds before the “mouse loading bar” fills up, but it’s just I’m not a fan of that style.

No. But it’s irrevocable.

The “hand” takes exactly as long to fill up as the initial loading bar. Just wait until it fills up before starting the game. It will be just as long either way.

You can also use loadMode=0 if you really like the loading bar. See: 🛠 Troubleshooting

Automounting will be made optional.


I’ve decided to put full stops in everything after all, to make it consistent with the rest of the GUI.

:medal_sports: Bug


Added to v.46 :medal_sports: Idea


This is a minor stopgap measure to make the Absolver Beam more balanced, but can it be made so that a fully charged beam destroys feathers? It might also benefit from a wider beam so that its ability to intercept chickens improve. And lastly, can it use the V36 charging sound while using the current firing sound?

Well, i want the firing sound to be changed as well.

Not sure if intentional or not, but why does this crosshair appear after pausing? Is it an indicator or what?

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No idea why it’s there, but that’s supposed to be a debug thing, I think


It’s a debugging aid. Fixed in v.46 :medal_sports: Bug

It’s been changed 3 times already. I think we should consider the matter closed.


If we had weapon skins, different skins could use the different sfx and everybody would be happy. :wink:

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About the Iceman Coolness Award, one can get it by restarting the mission whenever the player’s ship got overheated or used a canister.

Shouldn’t this be disabled so it would actually be on par with other mission level medals?


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Coward Chickens should be removed from chasing waves such as Gyroscope Malfunction like they got removed from the Yolk Star battle:

Also in space races the time should be stopped while between stages or the time between stages should be disabled because some people can skip it by clicking “end session” button and most people don’t know that trick.

They’ll get a time penalty when they logged back in

It’s my belief that full-coward waves of any kind are a terrible idea. If you’ve got the wrong weapon, you’re toast - if you have the right one, they literally cannot hurt you short of a direct collision…

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Gyroscope Malfunction is not a “chasing” wave – the enemies don’t specifically target the player. They were removed from Yolk Star because they actually target your location.


@InterAction_studios, I don’t think that the squadron license is an equipment, can you replace that line with something like: “You can’t sell a squadron license unless you remove all of the members” or something like that?