Early Access version 43.2

Early Access v.43 is out already? I hope no one will spoil it.(cause I’m busy and I can’t play CIU :frowning: )

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We solved it, i unistall ciu three times and that solved my problem without lost progress

@InterAction_studios What if in the Daily stipend every 7 days or 10 days there is an extra amount? That is, every 7 days instead of 20 keys, 30 or a little more or less and on the 30th (at the end of the month) there are 50 keys, in this way the players are more motivated to enter the game every day and be active (in my opinion). Even instead of giving keys on certain days some item of the category “mountable” may be given (although only some and of a certain amount since this could break the game a little)


in Bx9 spacecraft: max power of Hyper Gun is slower than before, Photon Swarm is weaker at level 8-15, can’t compete with the other, and Positron Stream beam is small in max power but it’s take more damage?

I assume this is a typo?

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:warning: v43.2 emergency update has been released. It’s technically optional, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. In fact, it’s VITAL if you make a habit of disconnecting and reconnecting whenever you lose a life.

  • :bug: Fixes desyncing (caused by quips) between client/server when game is disconnected/reconnected after losing a life in order to restart wave.

Download hotfix here: ⬇ Download Early Access


@Sufi @lbekeneb88 @gabytzu @minasam123 et al : Fixed in v43.2

Quips will be split off into a separate option.

There is a bug somewhere in auto-mounting that can cause a crash, but I haven’t discovered the cause yet. Can you explain in more detail what you did? I need to reproduce it here and I’m not 100% clear on your instructions.

Not really. They’re both valid. I think the “unawares” version is the more popular correct one. Update: https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/5486/is-caught-you-unawares-correct

This is a natural consequence of how it works. Similarly, it can hit small targets behind bosses (e.g., Egg City @lbekeneb88) . I think of it as a ‘perk’, but if people think it’s a bug I’ll see if it’s possible to fix.


So, this is the emergency update of emergency update of emergency update of 42.1 update?

This is regarding Plasma Rifle: Manual Fire feels very awkward to use now because of the slower fire rate, and clean sweep on some waves become either way more difficult or impossible (Raise The Curtain is an example). Is there something that can be done?

I know it’s able to one shot enemies, and it can never overheat if you use manual fire, but it feels like a tease when the fire rate is like that, as it has trouble clearing certain waves for the Clean Sweep bonus.

A reduction in damage is fine, at least make the weapon feel comfortable to use…

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I didn’t really expect a few updates so quickly…

Regardless, I only have one suggestion for future versions, and it’s a boss idea. It has everything from some variants of what the speech at the start of the boss battle would be, to the estabilished base HP, to its weaknesses and strengths.

These Early Access versions are clearly unstable :confused:


My callsign is Francis, try looking more

Well, I didn’t. Now I do though.

I take it you’re not a fan of Absolver? :stuck_out_tongue:

Absolver’s a charged weapon so I can understand that it’s no-charge shot is kinda meh :frowning_face:

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Yeah, that’s fair I suppose. While I don’t necessarily find the current Plasma Rifle uncomfortable, per se, I’d definitely prefer a version with the old fire rate (for both automatic and manual, though) and less damage per target.

I just feel like the previous Plasma Rifle was better to use.



Everybody is seen when this update release, very funny :slight_smile:
(Bonus, IA himself losing callsign:

It deals decent damage with no charged shots at high power levels

I downloaded the v42.1 at midnight and guess what?
IT"S GODDAMN 43.2!!!