Early Access version 43.2

Ha ha, you’re right, upon login, it went to galaxy map.


Damage values were not changed, only the splitting mechanic was introduced for now.


Speaking of which, I can’t get the hang of how it works. (SPOILERS AHEAD!!)

It seems to behave similarly to Lightning Fryer’s chaining, but additional streams appear for a split second and disappear. Maybe I should try it on bosses to see if that’s the case.

Edit: It’s basically Lightning Fryer’s chaining but all streams appear instantly. I tried it on a wave with multiple targets that have a lot of health. Well, I’m not against that, but the two weapons need to have more differences because they have a similar mechanic now.

Unfortunately, something happened. Just after I ended session and returned, the game crashed, as in “it automatically closed”. I am not sure if it was on a specific wave (“Do the Backstroke”), or it happens occasionally. Regardless, this has to be fixed. Not to mention when you reopen the game, the mission ends, and so will some of your perishables.

Fixed in v42.2 :medal_sports: Bug


:warning: v42.2 Hotfix has been released. The server won’t force you, but it is essential that you upgrade to this version. Hotfix changes:

  • Fixes crash on “Pulsating/Palpitating Grid” and “Wormhole” waves. As a result of this stopgap fix, Cowards can still appear on these waves. This will be fixed conclusively in v.43 (@Sophodot :medal_sports: Bug)
  • Fixes Plasma Rifle damage. (@marksam123 :medal_sports: Bug)

Download hotfix here: ⬇ Download CIU


Are the text bubbles after starting a boss fight missing? I remember all CI5 bossfights had one, and I just started a Hend Game boss without getting any.

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They don’t always appear, and they don’t completely match CI3/4/5.


i got this error during the last phase of the Egg Cannon Cannonade


the error happens on pulsating grid as well.

It’s also fixed for that wave. I just forgot to add it to the list.


I certainly hope this is a one-time thing, because that’s a serious error (and one that I have no clue how to fix quickly)

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Oh, is this mandatory? It hides the “esc” thing in the top right corner and the “move mouse to move around” text at the beginning, which is pretty useful IMO. (if so, could the info about that option state that it controls the bubbles too?)
Also, even if it’s disabled, Space Race bubble still appears. Intended?


I hit one of those orange laser things and then that error appeared and instead the lasers disappeared and didn’t kill me

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Why do I always have to jinx

it also caused the mission to end

Well, let’s see how annoying they can be, and we can have a separate option for them

Right. Fixed in v.43 :medal_sports: Bug


actually after i restarted the game, the mission i played “Strange Paladin” was not in my recent missions. Almost like I never played it

Yes, this is a protection mechanism. If your game crashes during a mission, then that mission is completely cancelled. This is done to avoid getting caught in an infinite crash loop (the assumption is that there was something wrong with that particular mission that caused it to crash).


That answers my question.