Early Access version 39

It is not only on SSH, but on any difficulty above veteran. It is for increased difficulty

yes here is it, thanks

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Ah, ok.

One last problem that I have is something to do with Space Burger outlets. Recently, I was looking for a Space Burger outlet just to make sure I can sell food. While the indicator showed that there was one in my constellation (the one where Ion is), it’s only to the center of the constellation instead of the actual location, and it was much harder for me to find it, maybe even impossible.

You should zoom in more if you want a more precise location.

Doing so will not show the indicator at all.

That shouldn’t happen. Are you sure you took a good look at all the systems? And there was still no mark for it?

Not a mark, at least not within the constellation.

wow the new sound for absolver beam is cool :slightly_smiling_face:.

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vacuum cleaner


It’s supposed to go from showing the constellation it’s in, to showing the star system it’s in, and then the exact location once you zoom in a lot.

Then it might be present in a star system you didn’t explore yet.

why the Absolver Beam sounds very different?

It was changed in this update. Look at the changelog.

wow, i dont like the new sound


I have only one major complaint different from all the others, and it’s the fact the Absolver Beam’s new sound has a bit of a lower quality. Maybe a bit of an improvement is necessary. At least do that if you’re not going to change the sound back to normal.

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@InterAction_studios please return to the old sound for the absolver beam, the new one is very dry, it is heard low and it lowers the epicity that is to use that weapon, in addition the charge of the shot cannot be well differentiated.


IA can’t win this.

You two, fight. (with good arguments of course)


we will absolver beam great again!

It doesn’t. The problem is that when it’s pitched down, the top end frequencies are also lowered in pitch, which causes it to sound a bit muffled, or “lower quality”.

As you can see here, there’s barely any sound past around 10.5 kHz when the weapon is fully charged.

There is no way to get around this, no matter what sound you use, aside from using different samples for each charge level, or overlaying another sample on top of the base one.

And frankly, I prefer this sound. It’s not like the previous one sounded any better when pitched down.