Early Access version 39

@InterAction_studios Can you add a power up calculator to count the atomic power ups are showed on screen? Because Charity bonus always give the minimal amount of atomic power up(s) no matter how many atomic power ups are on screen

And Planetary Egg City?

Anything that disappears at the end of the wave (e.g. Football) or cannot be killed (e.g. Spawner) is not counted in the stats, because it would mess with the progress %.


Yes or no?

In “Favorites” -“Type” , the missions are arranged in order from past to present based on “most recent flight”.Example:

But when I press the “Duration”, “Difficulty”, “Result” buttons, the missions with the same duration, the same difficulty, and the same result are not arranged in the order mentioned above
Duration:(sorry,no photos)

Result:(sorry ,no missions lost)

Should missions with the same length, difficulty level, and results be ordered from past to present based on the “most recent flight”?

I have an idea. Please add a new chicken (balloon chicken) The balloon hen grows up with every arrow it encounters.This chicken bursts after 3 shots.
Please add it!

Did you mean those from CI3?

When something is upgraded, it shows that “-8” reactor usage in green, while it’s actually becoming “worse” regarding that stat, so is it possible to display it in red to make it easier to notice that stat is becoming “worse”?


Not that! This is new!

I have a question. In the wave that’s called the chicken wobble. Why the chickens appear bubbled despite the low difficulty? It doesn’t seem to be reasonable tbh imo. I think it should be changed so that bubbled chickens only appear on difficulties higher than 50%. Same for The Chicken Rings wave. (playing on ssh if that matters). Look at those 2 screenshots below.

Skill levels affect mission difficulty. Superstar Hero increases it by 40%.


Added to v.40
:medal_sports: Idea


I didn’t know that but anyways thanks for the info.

Added to v.40
:medal_sports: Idea


Added to v.40
:medal_sports: Idea


Does the bomber power limit change mean that the BX-9’s mid power level will be at :zap: 10-10 and max power at :zap: 11-11? Because that would mean that its max power wouldn’t be worth getting unless if you have Boron or Absolver.

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Well, we could change the bombers to 12/14/16/18 then runs away ducking


I just realized that Mission Config was actually PacmanVN’s idea there.

(I only accessed the game by now.)

About the mission config feature, how about adding a “list of spaceships” where the player can put items specifically needed for a given spaceship?

Also, this one:

Max power on bomber pylon when?

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