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IA can’t win this.

You two, fight. (with good arguments of course)


we will absolver beam great again!

It doesn’t. The problem is that when it’s pitched down, the top end frequencies are also lowered in pitch, which causes it to sound a bit muffled, or “lower quality”.

As you can see here, there’s barely any sound past around 10.5 kHz when the weapon is fully charged.

There is no way to get around this, no matter what sound you use, aside from using different samples for each charge level, or overlaying another sample on top of the base one.

And frankly, I prefer this sound. It’s not like the previous one sounded any better when pitched down.



I understand. Well, sure, although it will just make the game occupy even more storage than it already does if we just do a different sample. But as long as the AB sounds are similar to the Mega Man sounds I am fond with, I won’t complain otherwise. Although if you charge the weapon all the way to its peak, once you launch the beam, it will sound a bit like a blaster from Star Wars.


download link ?

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something its cursed here, can you see?


Taking advantage of that space, how about adding an “inventory” to see all the objects that a player has, since I must always go to the galactic store or something else to see the total objects. Also within the “inventory interface” there can be the button “mission configuration” to save space in the main part and also because you can configure it already knowing what objects you have.

(the place to put the inventory button)

I also thought that the boss ´´Mysterious Ship´´ has some kind of animation to charge his attack since this boss can be complicated for new players (and in my case I have proven that it appears at low levels and very often) since he is a boss that is more about timing than at first it is complicated.


This one?

I thought that when a contact is playing a mission, instead of being green (which is connected) it is orange (which means it is on a mission).

not (Disconnected)

connect (Connected)

playing (Playing a mission)
This can be used for people who are bothered by notifications and have turned them off, but want to know if a contact is playing or not. In addition to being something more aesthetic than a notification.

I also thought that the boss ´´Henperor’s Apprentice´´, in addition to his usual weaknesses, has a weakness for the ´´Lightning Fryer´´ weapon since it refers to the character he parodies


It is similar but my idea is not to assemble things, it is to see what you have in general (when I refer to general it is to each ship, item, weapons, special weapons, equipment for the ship, etc). The part to mount is that there is added the button “mission configuration” to save space and to have all that section in one place.


Yes, I’ve noticed this too, and in fact I reported it way back. I think the cauſe is that when you have the “ſhow Space Burgers” option enabled, the game does a quick ſearch to ſee which of the conſtellations you’ve explored contain a Space Burger, but doeſn’t bother to check whether you’ve explored that particular outlet, or even the ſtar ſyſtem it’s in.
Likewiſe, when you zoom in, the game checks which of the explored ſtar ſyſtems contain a Space Burger, and again doeſn’t check to ſee if you’ve explored that outlet itſelf.
Thus, if you’re zoomed out and looking at a pin indicating an outlet, but haven’t explored the ſtar ſyſtem the outlet in queſtion is in, then when you zoom in the pin will vaniſh.

It’s a longſtanding bug which alſo effects the other retail eſtabliſhments.

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I’d almost think this should be a strength (rewatch the scene) but I low-key love this idea :joy:

Also, Easter Content!!! This is cool, but I hope it doesn’t mean that we’ll never see chickens and such get Easter skins - I get why it’s not happening this time around, but in the long run it would be nice to see.

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Unfortunately, there is not much to see, I consider it extremely rare to find an Easter design except for the menu

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Well is a strength from a certain point, but that attack led to his death. So I think it’s more of a weakness than a strength.

For the easter content some of ci3 and ci4 were missing (specifically the yolk star, the ci4 rabbits, the giant ci3 rabbit, the ufos of ci3), but I understand that I am missing time to remaster them.

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What about the eggs of easter?


Thats true!

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I have a bug with the Lightning Fryer (I think). If I hold down the ‘fire’ button and move from left to right and repeat, the beams chain into the enemy without damaging it.

Its only visual, but is werid

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No, the Lighting Fryer goes to Fast if you moves rly Fast, in total of %0.001 of DMG, Therefore it does not count as damage.

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