Early Access version 38

I went to 2 different space burger in the same constellation, but they gave different keys with the same number of foods.


The first and second crabs don’t appear in higher difficulty, I was asking this before, no answer though…

I think crab v1 is harder than king of crabs due to space limitation.


Imagine second crab (that thing with 4 lasers) with v10.1 speed

“You mean you’ve never heard the story of the… hash-slinging slasher?”
“The slash-bringing hasher?”
“The hash-slinging slasher.”
“The sash wringing… the trash thinging… mash flinging… the flash springing, bringing the the crash thinging the…”

By the way, it’s pretty cool to add for higher difficulty, it would become a dancing crab.

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True up to v.38, but it will change in v.39

:medal_sports: Idea


Someone named KaizoKaioticVN just contacted me, but this time,he is not represented by any symbol.

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Known. Will see if I can fix this.


FUU!! , now i will found The Second Robotic Space Crab with velocity of sanik


I everytime thinked what the first Robotic Crab its more harder what the other crabs because dont do zoom and hes attack very rare and sometimes i get scared for him


Here’s a stopgap measure to make the egg cannon and the henterprise fight more difficult, why not allow for the spawning of a few mini bosses like Chickenauts, Slobs and Armored Chickens during the chicken wobble attack?

I don’t intend to completely replace all of the chickens with the mini bosses, there should be more regular chickens than minibosses but still, it would be cool to see a miniboss for every 4 regular chickens or something like that. And while we’re on the topic of adding chickens, why not add the coward breeds, they’ll have a higher spawnrate with a coward per 3 chickens.

Lemme know what you think about this idea.
May the Forks be with you!


I met this bug since v.37: If I turn off capture mouse and turn on show cursor outside playing area, it still shows the cursor. But if I turn on capture mouse again, the cursor doesn’t show up, although show cursor outside playing area is turned on?

Price Fluctuation affects them too. Places with higher prices (blue arrow) will buy food for more keys.

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I wonder if assassin, toxic, and berserk chickens are added too, will it be disastrous?

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What a breakthrough idea! Imagine what they would be like if the idea were implemented!

Where is it?

You need to buy a key insite to see them

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When the mouse is captured, then by definition it’s not allowed to leave the playing area, so the “show cursor outside playing area” is meaningless. That’s why it’s disabled.


IA, where is “clean sweep” in supernova wave?, because supernova keep spawning

Can the pre-mission screen show whether we have the Waves Insight too?

also “Shapeshifters” and “Let The Games Begin” waves have Clean Sweep when nothing can flee away

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Wave “Bullet Spray” doesn’t have “clean sweep” bonus although the chickens can be escape, right?

It does have it at the moment. You might have destroyed a UFO near the top of the screen where the saucer hits the upper edge of the screen and disappears, denying you the Clean Sweep bonus.