Early Access version 29

Rip, I wish you can fix it.

any news about full release…? since the first beta released next week of last year.

Well, happy anniversary then :partying_face: . But the official release is still a long way away.


Thanks for answer. We will follow you as long as we can :wave:


I think the full release may be in very late 2020 or 2021. This is a speculation.

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Also, I’ve heard about some ‘Chicken Invaders Discord Server’. What is Discord?

How about a multiplayer mode? But it’s not really multiplayer, it’s you and 3 AI-Controlled Bot Players, and you can switch between those Bot Players. If you die, you get switched to another spaceship, if the other spaceship dies, well, he’s dead.

If you’ve ever heard of Skype, Discord is something like that, only in a newer shell.

It’s a social media messenger type of application, and unlike Skype, it’s much easier to communicate via text and you can even make calls with other people, and it was designed for video gaming communities. With that being said, there are over 250 million people using Discord according to the statistics done in July 2019. It works on Windows (7 and upwards), Android, macOS, iOS, Linux and in web browsers.

If you want to know even more about Discord, check the Wikipedia page right here: Discord - Wikipedia


Can I see the Chicken Invaders Discord? I must make a account first.

The invite link is on the Wiki and on one of my threads.

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One silly question @InterAction_studios how that you lose the source code?

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Yeah, I’m also curious about it.

And I’m also curious what Version Control System IA uses

I’ve joined the Chicken Invaders Discord.

But there is a timer that prevents me from talking.

You know, you don’t need to send posts like a whatsapp chat, this is a forum where you can hit the Enter key to
on the same

I also wonder how did you lose the code. Pro tip, stop coding while you’re drinking. ^^

The server is developed on a Linux VM. I messed up with the VM snapshots and restored an older one, erasing the latest changes in the process.

The code master copy is held on Windows (that wasn’t lost). But I still need to go through all changes one by one and decide whether they should be ‘ported’ to Linux (I already did this yesterday). Still, it’s delicate work and I have to be focused completely. There are very subtle differences between the Windows and Linux engine and I must make sure I don’t get them confused.

My versioning is a custom combination of daily backups + diff/WinMerge. I don’t use source control.


As in Linux Virtual Machine?

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this unpleases me

The server is working fine. It could be something temporary and/or at your end.

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Can you add Ctrl+V support in contact and squadron menus? It’s not so nice to Alt+Tab forward/backward to see someone’s callsign.

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